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Jerry-Rig Quality Comes From Experience

When he could not find an acceptable work positioner on the market for his own personal use, Jerry Fank decided to create one himself. A professional toolmaker and business owner for over 35 years, he designed and built a positioner tool that met the highest specifications imaginable. He used only the best materials. No expense was spared because Jerry planned to build just one unit for himself to suit his craftsman, woodcarver and hobbyist needs.

When he brought his work positioner to a school where he was training as a woodcarver, other people saw the positioner asked Jerry to make one for them. Jerry explained that the materials and workmanship necessary to produce such a superior tool would not be inexpensive. However, when people saw the quality and utility of the tool, they knew its value. The rest is history.

It soon became apparent that this work positioner was by far the finest tool ever designed to position and hold work for craftsmen, industry technicians, and hobbyists. The tool was produced by Fancort Industries of West Caldwell, New Jersey and was named Jerry-Rig™.

The first Jerry-Rig™ product was the JR-100, which became an instant success. Over time, even more improvements were made to the original Jerry-Rig™ work positioner, and additional products were developed. In 2005, the company of Jerry-Rig™ USA, LLC was formed to develop the work positioners and other fine tools.

Jerry-Rig™ USA, LLC designs and builds the original Jerry-Rig™ JR-100 and also two Ball Positioners (B-4 & B8). In addition, there is a full line of accessories that include tool pouches, leather knife covers, carving screws, carving arms, peg vises, paint sticks and additional positioning plates.

The robust construction of the Jerry-Rig™ JR-100 permits objects to remain locked in position even during severe shocks incurred while using power tools or a hand mallet. The JR-100 weighs approximately seven pounds and has a cast aluminum construction with a steel index lock.

The latest model, the Jerry-Rig™ JR-B4 Work Positioner, facilitates the same essential functions as the JR-100, and is designed for projects requiring an even greater degree of flexible movement. The JR-B4 weighs approximately ten pounds and has all steel construction with a chrome finish. In addition, there is a model B8 that is custom-built for large projects.

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Jerry-Rig™ work positioners can be ordered from the list of distributors on our Web site. In addition, we will work directly with our customers to custom design any product to your exact specifications. (USA Distributors)   (International Distributors

All Jerry-Rig™ work positioners are assembled in the USA. After you understand the quality put into every Jerry-Rig™, you will agree that it is no wonder that Jerry-Rig™ is the name most desired by professionals and serious craftsmen in the USA, Canada and Europe.

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